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Will Robedee is a veteran of college electronic media. Will has been a student volunteer, a professional consultant and a manager of student stations that have operated on cable TV, broadcast FM, unlicensed AM, webcast and other facilities. In addition to being a student volunteer, working for a grade, and earning paycheck, Will has volunteered his time to develop websites to aid student operated electronic media and volunteered to serve as a member of the board of CBI. Will has been the Vice Chair and Chair of CBI and is currently serving the board and organization as the immediate past chair. In these capacities, Will has authored or co-authored comments before the U.S. Congress, the FCC, the Copyright Office and presented testimony and represented CBI and its members before the Copyright Royalty Board.

This blog is part of Will’s continued effort to participate in the discussion of ideas pertinent to Educational Radio.  While associated with CBI, this site does not necessarily represent the views of CBI, but it often coincides with those views and may incorporate some of their content.


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